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Meet Sophie

Sophie has been the smiling, pleasant voice of our practice since 2003 and has kept things running smoothly and efficiently. She demonstrates a unique ability to understand each patient’s concerns and priorities with every interaction.

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Dr. Byrne in the News

Interview: Interview: Dr Patrick Byrne — facial reconstruction surgeon Facial surgery expert in talks with Bermuda

Bermuda could benefit from the medical expertise and treatment of one of the world’s leading facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Dr Patrick Byrne, who specialises in facial, head and neck surgery, as well as rhinoplasty (nose) and dermatology (skin), is currently in consultation with physicians to discuss the possibility of him coming to Bermuda on occasion to perform certain operations. Continue reading

Baltimore Baltimore Sun – September 26

Bel Air woman gets new ear lost to skin cancer - Hopkins surgeon makes ear using tissue from other parts of woman's body

“Sherrie Walter will never wear earrings again, but recently started styling her hair in a ponytail the way she used to before she was diagnosed with skin cancer nearly four years ago. It's a big step for Walter, whose life was turned upside down when doctors finally figured out the persistent sore in her ear was actually basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of cancer. By then it had spread so much that the Bel Air mother of two had to have part of her skull and most of her left ear removed. But surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospita, led by Dr. Patrick Byrne, have constructed a new ear for the 42-year-old Macy's manager and, feeling like her old self, Walter is again enjoying ponytails and other simple things in life. The rebuilding is believed to be the most complicated ear reconstruction in North America.”

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Baltimore Baltimore Sun – August 16, 2012

Hopkins begin performing face transplants “Johns Hopkins doctors have received approval from the university’s institutional review board to begin doing face transplant surgeries, becoming the second hospital in Baltimore to offer the complex procedure. Continue reading

Baltimore Baltimore Sun – November 23, 2011

Health Officials alaramed over silicone injections for fuller buttocks “Doctors say treating those with silicone is difficult. The only way to get rid of it is to cut out the tissue and surrounding tissue that has been impacted, according to Dr. Patrick Byrne, director of the Hopkins Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, who was not personally involved in the dancer's treatment.” Continue reading

Baltimore Baltimore Sun Magazine – September 25, 2011

Botox 2.0 “Dr. Patrick Byrne and his patient are highlighted in this article about Botox, which was originally intending to treat victims of accidents; however researches at Hopkins may be in the early stages of developing the next big thing in cosmetic medicine.” Continue reading

Baltimore Baltimore Sun – July 31, 2011

Hopkins team helps children with face-saving surgery “Doctor creates nonprofit that brings treatment to patients in Nicaragua. While still attending undergraduate school, Dr. Patrick Byrne made a promise: If head the good fortune to go into medicine and become a doctor, he would do something for the underserved.” Continue reading

Facial Facial Transplantation Team

Johns Hopkins Medicine experts are available to comment on all aspects of facial transplantation. Drs. W.P. Andrew Lee, Chad Gordon, Patrick Byrne, and Gerald Brandacher are key faculty members involved in the facial reconstruction team at Johns Hopkins. Each member has unique expertise in facial transplant surgery. Below is background information on each faculty member and their areas of specialty. Continue reading

WJZ-TV WJZ-TV April 23, 2011

Dr. Patrick Byrne speaks to Kai Jackson about helping children with facial deformities, including cleft lip and palate, in the US and developing countries. Continue reading

Minimally Minimally Invasive Technique Appears Helpful to Reanimate Facial Paralysis (ScienceDaily)

In the January/February issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, Dr. Kofi Boahene, Dr. Patrick Byrne and colleagues from Johns Hopkins report about a procedure involving only one Continue reading